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Wheelchair Ramp 3-Tier

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BMWR-3 series wheelchair ramp is developed on the basis of BMWR-2 series wheelchair ramp, which can be used for van and minivan. This ramp consists of three honeycombs penal which are hinged joint to fold and unfold. One of the advantages of this ramp is that the operation is completely manual, which is simple, easy, and safety. This is the best choice for the vehicle which floor is a little high and installation space is limited. The ramp is mainly made from aluminum profile and honeycombs penal. We apply honeycombs penal with figure, which has the advantages of anti-skidding, light weight, high-load capability and so on. There are air springs at the sides of ramp, which can make the operation easy, and avoid ramp unfolding by itself when emergency brake. There are two supports under the second ramp, which can ensure the reliability. Because of the compact design, this ramp can be used for mini-vehicle such as wagon, light-van, van, and minivan and so on.

OPERATION: A. This ramp is locked by two buckles which are at the two sides of ramp. When needed, the operator should unlock the two buckles first. B. After the buckles are unlocked, hold the handrail and pull the ramp forward, so that the two pieces of ramps will form a slop which can help wheelchair get into/out of vehicle. C. After the wheelchair get into/out of vehicle, fold the two pieces of ramps, and then lock the two buckles. This is the end of the operation

ADVANTAGES This ramp is operated manually which is safety. There are two gas springs at the two sides of ramp, which make the operation easy. There is a setscrew at the bottom of ramp which can ensure the ramp vertical under the condition of being stowed. Also the setscrew can avoid ramp unfolding by itself. This is one of the safe equipments.



Platform:Net 2240*810mm

Fold or Unfold:Foldable

Loading Capacity/Rate:350kg

Own Weight:50kg

Base Width:880mm

Height When Stowed:850mm



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