Growin Aluminum Wheelchair


New Growin Wheelchair adjustable to ageThe first Growin Wheelchair adapt to a children’s need physical and developmental needs as they grow into adulthood . Growin Wheelchair is best for indoor and outdoor used, it is compact and lightweight .
>Adjustable Seat width,depth and height with age.
>Seat width small :9 to 12 inches
>Seat width adjustable: 12 to 15 inches
>Seat Depth: 11 to 13 inches adjustable to 13 to 15 inches
>Seat Height : 16 to 18 inches
>Back Rest Height :30 to 40 cm
>Back Rest Angle: 90 to 100 degrees
>Rear Wheel Chamber: 2 to 4 degrees
>Push Handle Height: up to 10 cm
>Footplate height : up to 7.5 cm
>Comfort Brand , Imported from Taiwan ,Made in China

Regular Price : Php 56,000.00

PWD price : P 46,000.00

Senior Citizen Price 😛 40,000.00

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