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Here at Invacare Medical Warehouse we extended our ways to serve you better, we are now selling online, you can now purchase your medical equipment online and hassle free. Kindly click to enlarge the images.

1. Click Shop as shown in the image below:


2. The Shop contains almost all the products that Invacare Medical Warehouse offers, follow the numbered instructions from the image to get started:


3. Once you clicked on your chosen item, an individual detailed product page will show up, to add this to your cart (or shopping list) follow the instructions below:


4. Do Steps 1 -3 until you have finished shopping. You can view your shopping list by clicking Shop > Cart on the menu list above,  just like what is shown in the image below.


5. Your Cart‘s Page has different sections, each section is mentioned below:


6. For delivery charge outside Metro Manila, please email  or call first Invacare to quote you the exact charge. Then go to FREGHT PREPAID to choose an option of variables.Then add it to your cart.

7. When you think you are already done shopping, and you have clicked Proceed to Checkout button, you then need to fill up this form. Please note that all fields in * are priorities and needed to be filled up else your submission will not be completed. Create an account is optional. Bottom part is the Modes for payment.


8. Modes for payment: Bank Transfer – we have given you an option to wire an amount to our bank account, our bank account information can be seen at this page:


9. You can also pay using your PayPal account if you have, or your credit card. we accept almost all major credit cards. To toggle from those options, see the image below.


Please Note: Mentioned above were sole product prices, freight charges option is located at category: FREIGHT PREPAID

We will email you the freight forwarder airway bill or sea bill of lading so you can also track the cargo.

The tracking number will also be given to you.

Any concern, questions or further inquiries, please let us know, we will be very happy to assist you.

Happy shopping!!

We offer Brand New Equipments at Warehouse Prices... We are now selling online, click here to see how to Order Online.